I’m Loving “The Music Book” by Dave O’Leary

The Booktrope community of authors is pretty damn cool. I’ve had the chance to meet the most fascinating authors. Take Dave O’Leary for example. In Please, Pretty Lights one of the characters is a quirky bass player who lives in Seattle. Imagine my excitement when I heard about O’Leary—a Booktrope author and Seattle-area bass player.

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Four Questions About Writing

I’m rather psyched about this post. I was recently tagged by fellow Booktrope author Nicole Persun (www.nicolejpersun.com) and asked to answer four questions about writing. It was a lot of fun. Hope you enjoy. Note to the following three northwest authors: consider yourself tagged. Email me for further instructions. Mary Rowen, A.C. Fuller and Laura

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Living by Ear with Booktrope Author Mary Rowen

I hope you enjoy the new website. Check out the events tab for the latest. Check out the music tab, just cause. Today, I am thoroughly psyched to share with you details about the re-release of Living by Ear, by fellow Booktrope author Mary Rowen. Like me, Mary writes about emotionally wounded characters. Her writing

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