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Bob Marley One-Question Quiz

Today would have been Bob Marley’s 70th birthday. I adore him, and I can’t help but throw my two cents up onto the interwebs. I offer a one-question Marley quiz for you. When you hear the name Bob Marley, what word first comes to mind? A) Jamaica B) Marijuana C) Dreadlocks D) That overplayed commercial

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September 25 , 2014 | Posted by inazajac | No Comments

Four Questions About Writing

I’m rather psyched about this post. I was recently tagged by fellow Booktrope author Nicole Persun ( and asked to answer four questions about writing. It was a lot of fun. Hope you enjoy. Note to the following three northwest authors: consider yourself tagged. Email me for further instructions. Mary Rowen, A.C. Fuller and Laura

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September 4 , 2014 | Posted by inazajac | 3 Comments

Six Awesome Moments

Blessed, humbled, and gratefully astonished. I have been all of those things since the Please, Pretty Lights launch party last week. Here are my six favorite moments of awesome in chronological order: Awesome moment number six: The day of the party, a gorgeous bouquet of flowers arrived from my mother-in-law Lynne who lives in Arizona.

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Scary Monkeys & Author Platforms

I’ve been a writer for more than 20 years, but am just now posting my first blog. Here’s a little backstory. It all started one morning back in the 1970s when a chimpanzee terrorized my neighborhood. I grew up in West Seattle by the way, not Africa. “Mommy, there’s a monkey in the yard!” She didn’t believe us, not until innocent blood was

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