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Four Questions About Writing

I’m rather psyched about this post. I was recently tagged by fellow Booktrope author Nicole Persun ( and asked to answer four questions about writing. It was a lot of fun. Hope you enjoy. Note to the following three northwest authors: consider yourself tagged. Email me for further instructions. Mary Rowen, A.C. Fuller and Laura Zern.

Here are your questions:

1) What am I working on?

I admit, the past couple of months I’ve been more than a little distracted by social media marketing for Please, Pretty Lights. I am still settling back into my previous writing routine. This seems to be getting better though. More and more, my thoughts and my time are turning toward a new work in progress. Two actually. Both are stand alones, yet related to Please, Pretty Lights and with each other. I’m still working them out in my head. The major scenes are finished though. The good news is that I get excited when I think about both works. Really excited. I plan to have the next book ready for my editor in November. The third in April.

 2) How does my work differ from others in its genre?

Both works in progress have the same tone as Please, Pretty Lights. What I think sets my work apart is the contrast between quirky and disturbing. I like characters who are awkward or cheesy while they are being brutal. I will mention balloon animals and domestic violence on the same page. Opera storylines blur into rap video scenarios. Pearls of wisdom come from the mouths of pigs. My sense of humor is questionable to many, but it is what it is. I am who I am.

 3) Why do I write what I do? 

I have written non-fiction for many years, but only recently turned my attention to fiction writing. The time was perfect, and so I jumped on the opportunity. I write because I love it. For me, it is a selfish act. That being said, I do care about the messages I’m sending out, particularly to young women. “Remember who you are,” is the message I want to convey to them. My protagonist’s quest isn’t so much about finding herself as remembering herself. I mean this thematically; she doesn’t have amnesia. No more than the average person who isn’t tuned into their own power source.

 4) How does my writing process work? 

I can’t help but write character driven stories because that’s the way my brain works. Characters always come first and then situations. I take time to get to know my characters before I ever write about them. I don’t think characters can be real to others until they are first real to me. I try not to worry too much about the big picture until the fifth or sixth draft. This is when themes tend to emerge. I’ll recognize motifs, dialog which is mirrored or repeated. This is the best part of writing for me. It’s a rush. And then I revise. This can be such a creative buzz kill, but it’s a necessary evil I have to accept if I want to become a better writer. And, I do. I really do. There is so much I have yet to learn about storytelling, and recognizing that fact is important.







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