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Six Awesome Moments

Blessed, humbled, and gratefully astonished. I have been all of those things since the Please, Pretty Lights launch party last week. Here are my six favorite moments of awesome in chronological order: Awesome moment number six: The day of the party, a gorgeous bouquet of flowers arrived from my mother-in-law Lynne who lives in Arizona.

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Drummers: part workhorse, part pack mule, part unicorn.

  Next time you’re watching a show, check out the drummer as they work their magic. Give thanks to the bringers of the beat. It’s easy to be enthralled with the cocky lead singer slinking the stage like a wildcat in heat. But if you do, I’m afraid you’ll be missing the real star of

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Must-See Nirvana Clip & the Unwritable Blog

I’ve had friends and editors ask if I’m writing a Nirvana blog because PLEASE, PRETTY LIGHTS is set in Seattle. Two of the main characters are in a 90s cover band. When readers first meet Matt (on bass) and Nick (behind the drum kit) they’re on stage performing Nirvana’s “Breed.” Nirvana means a lot to them because I am their author, and Nirvana means a lot to me.

Yes, I have written a blog – two actually. I wrote one with links to my favorite Nirvana songs from Bleach, Nevermind and In Utero. But, it felt off. It bummed me out. I wrote another about how Nevermind came out the same week I moved into the dorms at Western Washington University in Bellingham, Wash. And, how the strained and soulful voice of Kurt Cobain resonated with something inside me; something lost, something fundamental. How Nevermind launched my sense of independence before it crashed hard and fast; totaled by my Seattle-sound snobbery. Posting it now feels disrespectful. After 20 years as a writer, I’m still learning the difference between stories that should be shared, and those ultimately meant for an audience of one.



Squirrels vs. Raccoons & Dave Grohl vs. Nickelback

It’s the question I am getting a lot since launching my official author page (Ina Zajac Writes) on Facebook. What’s up with the squirrel? Is your book about squirrels? No, though there are four kick-ass raccoons. Before explaining, a quick update. Since signing with Booktrope last month, things have been hectic. It’s good stress, the kind

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Seattle: Nine Truths and a Lie

I am a proud Seattle native, and so this week has been sweet. In the spirit of fun, I offer 10 Seattle stereotypes I agree with and why. First, let me dispel the biggest Seattle myth out there. Those guys at The Market (Pike Place Market) are NOT always standing there throwing salmon around. They

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When Time Turns Itself Inside Out

This one goes out to all you writers, artists, musicians and intuitive types who don’t conform to labels.

I just heard an intriguing “Pop Cast” on Pop Tech with Scott Barry Kaufman, cognitive psychologist and author. Loved it, and wanted to share it with my fellow creators. Until a few days ago I had been unfamiliar with Kaufman’s work. He is an adjunct assistant professor at New York University, author of Ungifted: Intelligence Redefined, co-founder of The Creativity Post, and blogger for Scientific American’s Beautiful Minds.