Please, Pretty Lights Bound for AmazonEncore

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Please, Pretty Lights Bound for AmazonEncore


A year ago, I posted this random — hopeful — photo. Just me, a sun break, and a happy squirrel.

Today, I’m so excited to share some news I’ve been quietly savoring. Please, Pretty Lights has been selected to be reissued as an AmazonEncore title. This is made possible through a mutual licensing relationship between Booktrope and Amazon Publishing.

What this means is the digital version of Please, Pretty Lights is being exclusively reissued under Amazon’s imprint AmazonEncore; and with a drop-dead-gorgeous new cover, to be revealed soon.

So, what is AmazonEncore? According to Amazon Publishing’s AmazonEncore page,

“AmazonEncore helps readers discover extraordinary, previously published overlooked books by emerging authors.”

This licensing agreement also includes potential audiobooks, but not print copies, still available through Amazon as well as local independent booksellers. Booktrope will retain credit as original publisher.

I am so grateful to the Booktrope community, especially to my stellar editorial team: Samantha March, Julie Molinari, Steven Luna and Loretta Matson. Loretta created the glorious new cover I’ll be sharing soon. I am excited to work with AmazonEncore, and am thrilled about this opportunity.

Thank you to my readers, friends and family for your continued support of my writing. It means the world to me.

Forever is now,

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  1. Ina, that is so freaking fantastic! A thousand high-fives coming your way. Congrats, my dear. And enjoy this ride. Xox

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