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Must-See Nirvana Clip & the Unwritable Blog

I’ve had friends and editors ask if I’m writing a Nirvana blog because PLEASE, PRETTY LIGHTS is set in Seattle. Two of the main characters are in a 90s cover band. When readers first meet Matt (on bass) and Nick (behind the drum kit) they’re on stage performing Nirvana’s “Breed.” Nirvana means a lot to them because I am their author, and Nirvana means a lot to me.

Yes, I have written a blog – two actually. I wrote one with links to my favorite Nirvana songs from Bleach, Nevermind and In Utero. But, it felt off. It bummed me out. I wrote another about how Nevermind came out the same week I moved into the dorms at Western Washington University in Bellingham, Wash. And, how the strained and soulful voice of Kurt Cobain resonated with something inside me; something lost, something fundamental. How Nevermind launched my sense of independence before it crashed hard and fast; totaled by my Seattle-sound snobbery. Posting it now feels disrespectful. After 20 years as a writer, I’m still learning the difference between stories that should be shared, and those ultimately meant for an audience of one.